By placing a binding order, the buyer (customer) confirms that they accept the Terms and Conditions for the delivery of goods declared by the seller. The relationships between the buyer and the seller are governed by these Terms and Conditions, which are binding for both parties.


We offer you the possibility to shop directly from your home, where you can shop nonstop. You can order easily and conveniently using the shopping cart, phone, email, or in writing at our address. The subject of the contract is only the goods listed in the purchase contract – the order. Dimensions, weight, performance, capacity, and other data listed on our pages, in catalogs, brochures, and other print materials are non-binding and based on manufacturers’ data. In case of discrepancies, we will, of course, contact you. We commit to delivering to our customers only goods in perfect condition and in accordance with the specifications or usual characteristics for the given type of goods that comply with the standards, regulations, and directives valid in the Slovak Republic and the EU. A condition for the validity of our electronic order is the completion of all required data and particulars stated in the order form. The order is also a proposal for a purchase contract, where the purchase contract itself gradually arises with the delivery of the goods. The conclusion of the purchase contract requires a formal confirmation of the order by the seller. In individual, mainly more expensive cases, the seller reserves the right to confirm the order personally or by phone and to require a financial deposit from the buyer.

If during the period the goods were ordered, there was a significant change in the exchange rate of the foreign currency or a change in the price or supplied assortment by the supplier, our company has the right to modify the order after agreement with the buyer or to unilaterally withdraw from it with immediate effect. We reserve the same right in the event that the manufacturer stops delivering the ordered product, introduces a new version of the product on the market, or significantly changes the price of the product.


Orders are received within 12 hours, and we will send you an order confirmation by email. You will also be informed by email about the dispatch. In case of uncertainties, we will, of course, contact you.


Goods will be dispatched within the time specified for each product (1-7 days). The day of order is not counted in the dispatch time, and for orders received over the weekend, the first working day is considered the first day. If the delivery time is extended, the customer will be promptly informed of the dispatch (delivery) date by email or phone. If the customer orders a larger quantity of goods, they will be delivered in one shipment, and the delivery time will correspond to the product with the longest delivery time.


If needed, we will exchange unused and undamaged goods for another type. Simply send the goods by registered mail (not cash on delivery) to our address. The costs associated with the exchange are fully borne by the buyer.


The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract within 14 working days of receiving the goods without stating a reason, in accordance with § 12 para. 1 of Act No. 108/2000 Coll. on Consumer Protection in Doorstep Sales and Mail Order Sales as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Consumer Protection Act in Mail Order Sales”). Withdrawal from the contract must be made in writing here. The withdrawal must include the identification of the buyer, order number and date, exact specification of the goods, the method by which the seller is to return the already received payment, especially the account number and/or postal address. Together with the withdrawal from the purchase contract, the buyer is obliged to deliver the goods in their original condition. If the buyer withdraws from the contract and delivers the goods to the seller that are unused, in their original sealed packaging, and not damaged or incomplete, the seller will return the purchase price paid for the goods specified in the binding acceptance of the order or part thereof within 15 working days from the delivery of the withdrawal from the purchase contract and the delivery of the goods to the seller by bank transfer to the buyer’s account specified by the buyer. In the event that the buyer receives damaged or incomplete goods, they can withdraw from the contract, deliver the used and damaged or incomplete goods to the seller. The seller will return to the buyer the purchase price paid for the goods specified in the binding acceptance of the order or part thereof reduced in accordance with § 457 of the Civil Code by the value of wear and tear at a rate of 1% of the total price of the goods for each day of use and the cost of repair and restoration of the goods to their original condition within 15 working days from the delivery of the withdrawal from the purchase contract and the delivery of the goods to the seller by bank transfer to the buyer’s account specified by the buyer. The seller will return the purchase price, including costs incurred in connection with ordering the goods, if the buyer submits written documents of the costs incurred in connection with ordering the goods to the seller along with the goods. The buyer bears the costs of returning the goods only if the goods did not meet the quality requirements and were defective. Goods fully meeting quality requirements are considered goods of the same or similar characteristics as those listed in the offer of goods on the seller’s website. Costs incurred by the buyer in connection with ordering the goods are considered costs for making the order, especially the price for making the phone call with which the buyer made the proposal to conclude the purchase contract or the price for connecting the buyer to the seller’s website during which the buyer filled out and sent the order form on the website or wrote and sent an email with the order for goods lasting 30 minutes. If the buyer fails to fulfill any obligation stated in these general terms and conditions, the withdrawal from the purchase contract is not valid and effective, and the seller is not obliged to return the purchase price to the buyer and is entitled to the reimbursement of costs associated with sending the goods back to the buyer.


The buyer is entitled to cancel a confirmed order without stating a reason, at any time before dispatch, no later than 1 hour after ordering, by phone, without any penalty. If the buyer has already paid for the goods, the seller will return the paid purchase price by bank transfer to the account specified by the buyer within 3 working days from the delivery of the order cancellation. The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or part thereof in the following cases: the goods are no longer produced or delivered, or the price from the supplier has changed significantly. In such a case, the seller will promptly contact the buyer to agree on the next steps. If the buyer has already paid part or the whole amount of the purchase price and no agreement is reached with the seller on replacement goods, this amount will be transferred back to the buyer’s account as soon as possible, but no later than within the statutory period of 15 days.


The contracting parties agreed that if the buyer is a natural person, they are obliged to inform the seller of their name, surname, permanent address including postal code, birth number, phone number, and email address. If the buyer is a legal entity, they are obliged to inform the seller of their business name, registered office address including postal code, identification number, phone number, and email address. This information is necessary for your identification as a buyer. We use it to process and account for your payment for purchased goods, to correctly distribute the goods, and to communicate with you. They enable us to perform necessary accounting operations, issue a tax document, or identify your payment through a bank transfer. All data is stored in a protected database on the Operator’s server. Data updates: The Buyer can change the data according to the current state after logging in or delete it from the database at any time. We do not provide your data to any other entity, except organizations with which cooperation is necessary for the proper processing of your order. These are primarily banks (in some cases providing your name) and delivery services (delivery address). However, these data are always provided one-time for the processing of your specific order. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise provide the database of data to any third party. All currently offered forms of electronic banking (payment for goods via the internet) are carried out directly on the Buyer’s bank’s website, which provides the Operator with only the information about the success or failure of the payment with the name, possibly the account number (necessary for the identification of the correct payment and in case of need for its return). In no case does the Operator learn any further information, such as login details or account balance of the Buyer. If the Buyer wishes to cancel the registration, they will contact the Operator via email. The registration will be deactivated. If the Buyer decides to delete their email from the mailing database, they can do so by clicking on the appropriate link at the bottom of each informational email. The Buyer will be informed of the email deletion. The registered Buyer can update personal data directly in the online mode on the website of the online store immediately after logging in. By using the online store, the Buyer agrees with the collection and use of information about them and their purchases in accordance with Act No. 428/2002 Coll. on Personal Data Protection in Information Systems. The Buyer grants the Operator this consent for an indefinite period and can revoke it at any time in writing. The consent will expire within 1 month from the delivery of the withdrawal of consent to the Operator. The rules for handling this data are described in this document.


Personal data is protected from disclosure and use by third parties. They are used only for sending the ordered shipment and for communication with the buyer.


The seller provides a warranty for the goods delivered by the statutory period. If the warranty period is longer, it is indicated with the goods. In case of any problems, contact us immediately. We will find the best solution to your satisfaction.


Notify us of the issue by here. We will respond with the most suitable way to handle the problem. Pack the goods in their original packaging, including all accessories, and send them insured to our address. Do not send goods cash on delivery, they will not be accepted. Include a copy of the receipt or invoice and a description of the issue with the shipment.


  1. This warranty covers only material and manufacturing defects, does not cover damages due to improper handling, neglect, or unauthorized intervention.
  2. The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods upon receipt. If the goods show defects, the buyer must notify the seller immediately. Later claims for visible defects will not be considered.
  3. Claims will be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.


The Terms and Conditions are valid from 1.1.2023 until further notice. The seller reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.